Monday, February 3, 2014

Techtonic Funk Brigade - Dec. 20, 2013 with guest DJ Scotty Marz (discObeta)

Scotty Marz - guest DJ - Dec. 20, 2013.

Reppin' the east coast underground scene since the early 90s, Scotty Marz not only threw some of the sickest events, he also produced some of the biggest tracks!  Make sure you check out his alias "Kingsize" and the track called "Acid or XTC" - it's pure Acid Breaks madness!

He's also now producing under the moniker "discObeta" with his long-time buddy Erin Paul, and their tracks are sick!

Check them out here, and grab some free downloads (along with a remix that I did!)

Check out this episode!

TFB - Dec. 6, 2013 with guest DJ Eric Riggsbee

Eric Riggsbee’s musical path started when he was age six taking up the piano, and by age nine was looking for something more his groove. By age ten he started playing the drums, starting his own band at age twelve and playing through out the bay area up until age twenty two in bands ranging from Jazz to Metal. His DJ career started in 1998 playing Breaks and throwing his own parties in Santa Cruz, Oakland and San Francisco. As of January 2014 Eric launched a Breaks monthly in Oakland, CA with DJ's Justin Johnson, DJ Infinitee and DJ 138.
His natural tendencies on the drums made crafting his signature tones and melodies seem effortless. Eric Riggsbee’s zipper smooth mixing style, exceptional music selection and tight programing have gained him the reputation for creating fun ass shaking music, that always get people on the dance floor.
Seismicity, Mirage Kru, Bay Area Breaks Kru,