Saturday, June 8, 2013

Episode 22 Techtonic Funk Brigade w DJ Justin Johnson on @NSBRadio 6-7-13

Episode #22: Recorded live on NSB Radio on June 7, 2013 (5pm-7pm PST).

playin yourselfBy BadboE1
Outer BassBy Chamber vs Syko2
Cant Stop the RockitBy BUZZFiend3
Bump De FunkBy Yum Cha4
Digeridoo (original mix)By BadboE, Jiggyjoe5
Express Your Ragga SelfBy Yum Cha6
Ahh THe Name Is B Gangster, Baby!By Morlack7
Things That Make You Go Boom (Tom Drummond Remix)By JiggyJoe8
Earth Wind & BassBy Actual Phantom9
You Won't Find Me (Electric Soulside Remix)By Freerange DJs10
Howlin' (Melty's Re-warped Mix)By The Incredible Melting Man11
Fun Funk (Original mix)By Wardian12
Work (Original Mix)By Bella13
Boys Make It Better (Original Mix)By Baymont Bross14
Mic Check (Original Mix)By Dustin Hulton15
In The Ghetto (Original Mix)By Baymont Bross16
Look Alive MuthaFukkas (Original)By Johnny Dangerously, Ian Hawke17
Dance Machine (Original Mix)By Mutantbreakz19
Wanna Freak (Original Mix)By DJ-3320
Bad Card (Leuce Rhythms remix)By Dub Pistols feat Sir Real & Dan Bowskill21
Icarus (Original Mix)By Mesmer22
La Rissa Project (Original Mix)By Perfect Kombo23
Mortal Technique (Original mix)By Wardian24
Back To The Roots (Original Mix)By Blazer25
One Two Three Four (Original Mix)By Break Mafia26
Crystal (Colombo Remix)By Kemtrails27
Lights Around (Sketi Remix)By Shockillaz28
Hell's Groove (Radiokillaz Remix)By Kinetic Eon29

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